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Marketing Analytics Services

Propensity to Purchase a Product
Propensity for Cross Selling
Perception Mapping
Actuarial Services
Creative Optimization
Predictive Market Modelling
Customer Lifetime Value Analysis
Price Elasticity
Yield Management
Campaign and Website Analytics

Market Analysis Process

Predictive Market Modelling
Brand Audit
Time Series Forecasting
Correlation and Regression Models
Market Mix Modelling
Risk Optimisation
Six-Sigma Workflow Process
CRM Analytics - Attrition/Churn
Market Segmentation
Loyalty Program Analytics
Website Loyalty Analytics
Campaign Analytics
Conjoint Analysis
Structured Equation Modelling
Sales Forecasting
A/B User Experience Testing
Market Basket Analysis
Demand Generation and Price Elasticity
Market affinity
Yield Analytics

Business Services

Social Media Analytics

Social media

Social media analytics is measuring about social media google, adwords, YouTube, twitter and Instagram.

Web Commerce Analytics

Web commerce

Web commerce analytics is measuring the webpages and navigation of the website.

Traders Analytics


Traders analytics is about measuring the unsold stock and measuring the working capital stock movements.

Chi Square

Chi square

Chi square is about how likely the observed variable arose by chance of trading marketing variables.

Brand Etiquette Analysis


Brand etiquette analysis is about consumer behavior.

Market Situational Analysis

situational analysis

Market situational analysis is about situational awareness about the services and product.

Market Dynamics

Dynamics of financial growth line icon concept. Dynamics of financial growth vector linear illustration, sign, symbol

Market dynamics is about price and elasticity of supply and demand for the market and products.

Market Saturation

Market saturation

Market saturation is about stagnation in the market for a particular product.

Insurance Analytics

Insurance analytics

Insurance analytics is about account management through predictive analytics.

Quantitative Easing

Quantitative easing

Quantitative easing is the easing of products goods services in sum total of GDP.

Qualitative Easing

Qualitative easing

Qualitative easing is about easing of fiction of services.

Fund Flow Analytics

Fund flow analytics

Fund flow analytics is about assets excluding cash management which are of value to the enterprise.

Cash Flow Analytics


Cash Flow Analytics is about some total of cash generated in the enterprise and outflow of cash for expenses assets towards debt.

Private Equity Analytics

Private equity

Private equity analytics is the percentage of stake being given for a particular valuation in the enterprise.

Media Optimization

Media optimization

Media optimization is about content optimization in a particular time slot.

Angel Investment Equity


Angel investment equity is about shares of angel investors in a particular group or the business enterprise.

Brand Stock Equity Analysis

Brand equity concept icon. Brand management idea thin line illustration. Added value of company products or services. Strategy analysis. Vector isolated outline drawing. Editable stroke

Brand stock equity analysis is about analyzing the equity value of stocks in stock market.

Profitability Analysis


Profitability analysis is about how a particular venture would yield profit for the business enterprise.

Debt Analytics

Debt analytics

Debt analytics is about loans, borrowing and collateral pledging with business lenders.

Project Funders Analytics

Project funders

Project funders analytics is about valuation of business assets in enterprise.

Trends Measurement Analytics

Trends measurement

Trends measurement analytics is about measuring the market trends graphically.

Discounting & Coupon Analytics


Discounting and coupon analytics is about time causation of a particular discount of coupon in market for purchase of product or services.

Commercial Analytics

Commercial analytics

Commercial analytics is the commercials involved in trading and project.

Social Trend Analysis

Social trend

Social trend analysis is about market trends in society.

Management Financial Analysis


Management financial analytics is about manging the prime accounting and relation to formation of companies.

Cost Optimization


Cost optimization is about optimization of the working capital of the company.

Working Capital Management

Working capital

Working capital management is about sum total of goods and services in business enterprise on a daily and weekly basis.

Project Financing

Project financing

Project financing is about valuation and ROI on project tenders.

Financial Equity Analytics

Financial equity

Financial equity analytics is about equity of a rupee towards a particular asset or a debt.

Brand Equity

Brand equity concept icon. Company products, services added value. Brand management idea thin line illustration. Strategy analysis. Vector isolated outline drawing. Editable stroke

Brand equity is the sum of goods and services produced in the market by sum of customers who have got utility value of the brand.

Insurance Private Equity

Insurance private equity

Insurance private equity is about investment of surplus funds in the capital markets.

Holding Company Equity

Holding company

Holding company equity is about the percentage of equity and debt holding in the business enterprise.

Goodwill Capitalisation

Goodwill capitalisation

Goodwill capitalisation is about capital brand equity accounting.

Asset Financing

Asset financing

Asset financing is about financing of assets for a particular roi.

Market Activation

Market activation

Market activation is activation of the market for certain products or services which are to be consumed by customers.

Market Strategy

Market strategy

Market strategy is about price, product, promotion and place.

Market Mix Modelling

Market mix

Market mix modelling is about sum total of independent variables having a marketing influence on dependent variable.

Creative Modelling

Creative modelling

Creative modelling is about modelling of operations research in real life situations.

Market & Brand Pricing Strategy


Market and brand pricing strategy is about elasticity of supply and demand in the market and brand analytics.

Market Benchmark Services & Response Analysis

Benchmark services

Market Benchmark services  and response analysis to market dynamics and situations.